Shadmehr Aghili
Shadmehr Aghili (Persian: شادمهر عقیلی‎; born 27 January ...
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Bio : Shadmehr Aghili (Persian: شادمهر عقیلی‎; born 27 January 1973) is an Iranian Persian pop singer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, music arranger, record producer, songwriter and former actor. Aghili was born in Tehran, Iran, but immigrated to Canada. He currently resides in Los Angeles. Aghili worked at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Iran's official broadcaster. His 1998 album, Fasl e Ashenayi (Season of Acquaintance) included a number of collaborations. His follow up album was Mosafer (Traveler). Aghili wrote the soundtrack for, and made an on screen appearance, in the movie Par e Parvaz (Wings to Fly). He played a lead role in Shab-e Berahne (The Naked Night). Aghili immigrated to Canada where he was signed to Nava Media. His first album released in Canada was Khiali Nist (Never Mind), quickly followed by Doori o Pashimani (Separation and Regret), Adam Foroush (Double-crosser), and Popcorn. In 2009, he released Taghdir (Fate) under a new contract with Century Records. Tarafdaar (On Your Side) was released in 2012 by Avang Music. Aghili uses his music to stay politically active, as can be heard on his 2010 track that conveys his support of the Iranian Green Movement. Recorded over background music, the song encourages Iranian people to protest the government and use music as a tool for freedom. In 2012 he released the anti-war song "Royay e Ma" (globally released as "A Dream") in collaboration with singer Ebi, supporting World Vision USA and World Vision Canada. In 2015, Time Labs published "See The Most Googled Person in Each Country in 2015" and Shadmehr Aghili was listed for Iran.
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